Home Safety Advice: Please do not cover your window vents

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A trickle vent is a small opening in your window, designed to allow fresh air to flow and keep your home well-ventilated.  Please do not cover your window vents. Trickle vents reduce moisture, which is necessary to prevent condensation and mould. If you are concerned that your window is draughty, please confirm that it is […]

Fire Door Safety Week

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What is a Fire Door?  In the case of an emergency, fire doors fulfil a vital function by ensuring fire and smoke is contained to allow time for people to evacuate safely. It’s very important for fire doors to be maintained in good, working conditions in order to fulfil the function they are designed for.  […]

Home Safety Advice: Fitting the correct shower head

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Fitting the correct type of shower head is critical to the safe performance of your electric shower.  Some shower heads are only suitable for use on mixer showers as the flow of water from them can be restricted or stopped altogether, resulting in a build-up of potential hot water which could, under pressure, be unexpectedly […]