Our Compliance Statement

The Welsh Government set performance standards which we need to meet, and we assess the organisation against these standards every year.

Read our Compliance Statement here.

Do you agree or disagree with how we are performing? Get in touch and let us know.

Our Corporate Strategy

This maps out our path as an organisation for the next ten years, and reinforces our purpose, describing our vision, values, and strategic priorities.

It explains the three stages to our strategy, including the current stage,  ‘Brilliant Basics’. This stage is focused on getting our core repairs and maintenance services to where they should be post-COVID, laying a solid foundation from which we can build and grow, to tackle the national housing crisis and help regenerate Bridgend.

The Corporate Strategy also commits to our four corporate objectives, which together aim to ensure that our customers, their homes, our communities and our colleagues are safe and happy. This is at the heart of everything we do.

Read our Corporate Strategy here.

Our Customer and Community Engagement Strategy

At Valleys to Coast, we are working hard to ensure our customers and communities have a say in the services that affect them.

We do this through customer and community engagement, which ensures our customers are always at the heart of everything we do – and what we do helps our communities thrive.

Read our Customer and Community Engagement Strategy here.

Our Financial Statements

Our financial statements show our financial health as an organisation, giving insight into our performance, operations and cash flow. 

You can find more information about our revenue, expenses, profitability, and debt for the past year in our most recent Financial Statements here.

View our previous Financial Statements:

Our Regulatory Judgement

Each year the Welsh Government assesses us against set standards and gives us a judgement on how well we are meeting them.

Read more about our Regulatory Judgement results here.

Our Welsh Language Scheme

Our commitment to bilingualism is evident in our logo, and we publish all  key documents in both Welsh and English. We want everyone who uses our services to do so through their preferred language.

Read about our Welsh Language Scheme here.

Our Board and Committee Member Travel and Expenses Policy

In addition to their remuneration, Board and Committee Members may be paid properly authorised out of pocket expenses when incurred on official business. This Policy defines and manages such instances.

Board and Committee Member Travel and Expenses Policy

Our Whistleblowing Policy

We want to ensure we have the highest standards of openness and accountability, making sure any colleagues and partners with serious concerns about any aspects of our work, can come forward and express those concerns to us. 

Read more and report any Whistleblowing here.

Have a concern or complaint?

We take your concerns and any complaints about our services very seriously, and are committed to dealing with them swiftly and effectively. 

Find out how to report any Concerns and Complaints here.