We are committed to providing you with a home where you can feel safe and happy and we need your help to make sure that your home is secure and well-maintained.

In line with the new Welsh Government programme, we are changing the way we survey your home, performing comprehensive surveys aimed at improving the condition and energy efficiency of our properties.

Whole home survey

To help us plan improvements to your home, it is important that we know what condition your home is in. This helps us plan how we need to maintain and improve them.

Our Assets and Energy Surveyors will now be completing all of the necessary assessments in one visit instead of three, giving us the best possible picture of our homes and minimising the disruption to you.

What will a whole home survey do for you?

The whole home survey provides us, and you, with valuable insight into how your home is operating. 

The process can highlight areas that may require maintenance, and detect potential hazards which allows us to plan improvements for the future.

It helps spot areas where energy is wasted, so we can suggest improvements which can lower your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint, helping us on our #GoGreen journey.

Your updated EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) can be viewed once the survey has been completed, giving you details of your home’s energy efficiency.

What will we do at a whole home survey?

Whilst conducting a full energy performance assessment, we will check the condition of both the inside as well as the outside your home, which could take up to 2 hours to complete.

The items we will typically test and inspect include:

Stock Condition Survey

This involves a full visual inspection of the outside and inside of your home. To assess the condition of your home, we will look at the following:

  • Roofs
  • Walls
  • Windows and doors
  • Fences
  • Paths
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Lofts
  • Heating systems
  • Electrical wiring
  • Insulation

EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)

An EPC measures how efficient your home is, considering things like how much it costs to heat your home, and how much carbon dioxide your home produces.

With this information we can make recommendations that will save you money and make your home more friendly for the planet.

Retrofit Potential Assessment

Retrofitting means improving a building to make it more energy efficient, saving you money and reducing the impact on the planet.

We will inspect your home to see what changes we could make to optimise your home. This could include things like insulation, electric heating, and more.

How can you help?

We will book an appointment to carry out the survey, so please be available at the date and time agreed, or arrange for another adult (over 18) to give us access to your home.

If you – or another adult – are no longer able to attend your appointment, please re-arrange for a day and time when you are available. 

Please make sure all rooms in your home, the loft and outside areas can be accessed easily on the day of your inspection.

What happens if there is a problem? 

If any safety-related repairs are identified during the survey, we will report these to our repairs department who will arrange for the repair to be done at a day and time that’s convenient to you.

Improving our repairs and maintenance (Link opens in new window)

Moving towards the future, we are making improvements to property repairs and maintenance which, from April 2024, will manage any repairs indicated by the whole home survey.

Got a question?

If you need any support, our Assets Team are more than happy to help! Get in touch with any questions you may have or to book your appointment now.