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Condensation and mould advice

There is always moisture in the air, and this can create issues in your property when this moist air becomes trapped. Condensation is typically one of the more common causes of damp within the homes, and most homes will be affected by condensation at some point.

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Join us as Chair of our Board

We’ve been providing safe and happy homes in Bridgend for the last 20 years. We’re an integral part of our local community and play a pivotal role in the ongoing regeneration and prosperity of Bridgend and South Wales.  We provide more than 6,000 secure and affordable homes, and have a portfolio of leasehold flats, garages […]

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Specialists and Customers Guide Llanw’s Progress

We hosted another Llanw Advisory Group meeting, our new repairs and maintenance service on Monday, where progress was shared, and insight was gathered to shape the path ahead. The meeting included participation from industry specialist Jane Nelson from LCB Group, who has been part of the group from the beginning and our customer, Sue Rhodes, […]

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Customer Newsletter – November 2023

Check out our most recent customer newsletter which landed on doorsteps this week. If you have any feedback about what you’d like to see included in our next newsletter, send us an email at Customervoice@v2c.org.uk.

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Including you in our Llanw journey

At Llanw, our new repairs and maintenance service, we’re a community built around people, with our customers at the heart of all we do. Learning from your experiences shapes our services to meet your evolving needs, and it’s a commitment we made from the very start of our journey. Our initial customer workshop session was […]

Introducing you to Llanw!

A new wave in property repairs and maintenance services.

We recently let you know that we’re launching a new company to improve, grow and develop our repairs and maintenance services.

We’re delighted to announce that our new repairs and maintenance company will be called Llanw (pronounced Llan-oo) which means ‘tidal’ in Welsh.

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