With the new laws from the UK Government coming into effect regarding XL Bully dog ownership, we would like to remind our customers of the new laws. We appreciate that many of you are pet owners and we have always been accommodating of pets in our homes provided they abide by the terms of our contract (which are available below). But with new laws coming into effect this year in England and Wales, some customers may need to take action.

With the XL Bully breed added to the list of dogs banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991) on 31st October 2023, owners of the breed have until Midday on 31st January 2024 to apply for a Certificate of Exemption. As part of the exemption process, a fee of £92.40 per dog has to be paid and additional measures must be put in place (including but not limited to microchipping and neutering your dog). A full list of actions regarding XL Bully ownership can be found on the Government website

We would also like to remind our customers that as of 31st December 2023, XL Bully dogs have to be kept on a lead and muzzled when in public – this includes communal areas within Valleys to Coast properties.

Our policy on Pet Ownership

The following is an extract from our tenancy agreements regarding the ownership of pets:

Pets (A)

16H. (1) You must not keep any animal that we decide is not suitable for your home. If you are not sure whether an animal is suitable, please ask us.

(2) Your pets must not annoy, frighten or cause a nuisance to other people and you must keep them under control at all times. You must not let your animal foul shared areas and public places.

(3) You must not keep more than a reasonable number of animals. When we consider what a reasonable number is, we will take into account the neighbourhood, the type and size of your home, the number of people who live in your home and the type and size of your pet.

(4) If you keep dogs classed as dangerous by the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991), you must hold an exemption certificate.

(5) You must not keep any pet in poor unclean conditions.


Additional Information

Additional information around the ban and ownership on XL Bully dogs

Register for a Certificate of Exemption 

For additional resources on XL Bullys and muzzle training, the following animal welfare organisations can offer support:

  • Blue Cross
  • Dogs Trust
  • PDSA
  • Battersea Dogs and Cats Home