We hosted another Llanw Advisory Group meeting, our new repairs and maintenance service on Monday, where progress was shared, and insight was gathered to shape the path ahead. The meeting included participation from industry specialist Jane Nelson from LCB Group, who has been part of the group from the beginning and our customer, Sue Rhodes, who joined us for the first time to ensure our customers’ experiences and thoughts are considered.

The meeting started with an overview of progress since July. Highlights included the launch of the company name, Llanw, the introduction of a new employment contract, the selection of a pricing model, and the branding of health and safety documents, to name a few. Additionally, our trades colleagues have been actively engaged and chosen their preferred tablet devices to support how they will work smarter in the future.

An important topic of discussion was the governance of Llanw. With input from our advisors, we discussed whether the Llanw board will be made up of 5 or 7 members, and considered carefully how this will be made up to ensure a balanced representation. This decision is in line with the advice to choose an odd number for effective decision-making.

Branding was another key area addressed. While we consider Llanw as a standalone logo for uniforms, we’ve decided to identify Llanw as a part of the Valleys to Coast Group to maintain customer recognition and trust, when needed.

As the meeting drew to a close, insights were shared regarding the Service Level Agreement, outlining the support from various teams in Communications, People, and Finance. The team is currently working through budgeting lines to ensure that financial plans are in line with future goals.

The insights gained during the meeting have given us lots of food for thought and will guide our decisions in the coming weeks.

Just as the tide and waves wait for no one, we’d better get to work.