Last week we welcomed board members and shareholders to join us at our Colleague Conference before sharing our annual review and accounts for the last financial year.

It was an opportunity to share highlights and reflect on the past 20 years, we heard from Chair of the Board, Anthony Whittaker, as well as our first Chief Executive, Pete Cahill. 

At the AGM, on the recommendation of the Board, Shareholders approved the appointment of Bevan and Buckland as the Company’s external auditors for next year.  They also resolved to elect two new members, Richard Jenkins and Mark Doubler, to our board.

All Shareholders were invited to submit questions prior to the meeting, however, with no questions raised, the Board Chair Anthony Whittaker and Chief Executive Joanne Oak took the opportunity to answer questions from those present.  

One Shareholder noted that the Association reported that 86% of emergency repairs were carried out ‘first time’, but questioned what the average time was for the remaining 14%. Whilst this data was not known at present, it was confirmed that Valleys to Coast was looking at how it improves the use of data which includes the introduction of more detailed metrics going forward.