We are delighted to introduce our Welsh language commitments; Addo, derived from the Welsh word for ‘to promise’ (pronounced ‘ah-tho’). These commitments emphasise our dedication to the Welsh language and are great timing with the upcoming celebrations of International Dylan Thomas Day this Sunday.

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As an organisation deeply rooted in Welsh heritage, we wholeheartedly embrace the Welsh language and its significance in our national identity.

We are proud of the Welsh language and we want it to thrive. In line with our commitment, we are dedicated to incorporating Welsh wherever feasible in our interactions with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders. We recognise the importance of fostering its growth, promoting its use, and continuously seeking opportunities for development and improvement.

To further demonstrate our support for the Welsh language, we are excited to collaborate with Clwb Cwtsh to offer an opportunity for our colleagues to learn Welsh conveniently from their own workspace or home.

Laura Morris, Head of Communications & Engagement at Valleys to Coast said, “We really hope that colleagues will embrace our increased use of Welsh at work – even simple phrases, greeting someone with a ‘bore da’ or saying ‘diolch’ for thank you goes a long way to helping people feel more comfortable using the language day to day.

Everyone will have different skills and experiences of speaking Welsh, but it’s something we can do if we choose and that’s what this is all about – supporting colleagues to use as much or as little Welsh as they’re comfortable with and embracing our unique Welsh culture.”