Our ten year ‘safe and happy’ vision

Published on:

We have launched our Corporate Strategy!

This maps out our path as an organisation for the next ten years. Originally drafted before the pandemic lockdowns, we have used the time since to reflect, review and refresh our strategy for the new world we are living and working in – ensuring it is agile enough to deal with any future challenges.

The strategy reinforces our purpose, describing our vision, values, and strategic priorities. It also explains the three stages to our strategy, including the current stage, which is focused on ‘Brilliant Basics’ and getting our core repairs and maintenance services to where they need and should be post-COVID, laying a solid foundation from which we can build and grow to tackle the national housing crisis and help regenerate Bridgend.

It also commits to our four corporate objectives of ensuring our customers, their homes, the places our communities are in, and our colleagues are safe and happy. Moving forward, these will be at the heart of everything we do. 

Our Chief Executive, Joanne Oak, explained how refreshing our strategy at this stage was the right thing to do. 

“We needed to adjust the way we worked post-pandemic, to meet the changing needs of our customers and colleagues. Using their feedback, we made sure we were doing the right things, in the right way, for the right reasons. This will allow us to deliver more, then innovate and grow, whilst still delivering the brilliant services our customers deserve.”

Chair of the Board, Anthony Whittaker, stated how the strategy will help Valleys to Coast fulfil the enormous potential it has.

“Everywhere I look the business is filled with like-minded people who want to do the best for the communities in which our customers live. As well as deepening partnerships with like-minded organisations to work together to help regenerate the whole of Bridgend.”

Read our Corporate Strategy 2021-2031 here.