Last year, we asked you, our customers, to complete the Institute of Customer Satisfaction (ICS) survey. This survey is used by 247 organisations, ranging from Amazon to Welsh Water. The results were excellent.

The most repeated words you used to describe us were helpful, good and friendly.

You scored us higher than the UK average and our peer group for both customer satisfaction and the net promoter score (which is, how likely you would recommend us to friends and family).

You also scored us lower (which is a good thing!) in regards to how much effort you have to put in to engage with us than the UK average and our peer group.

When drilling down into the results, we noticed that your satisfaction levels dropped when you tried to report an issue or problem (down to 65), or to just ask a question (down to 78.5). So we have listened and have been working hard to improve by:

  • Introducing text message reminders for repair appointments
  • Introducing web-chat
  • Creating a single contact centre team to make it easier for you get your queries answered
  • Making it easier for you to tell us when something has gone wrong; and ensuring that we respond quicker

At the end of November, the ICS will be emailing out the 2018 survey. If you wish to take part or opt out, please get in touch to ensure we have your up-to-date email address.