The clocks have gone back; the nights are dark and the weather is getting colder. So make sure your boiler is in good working order so that you stay safe and warm this winter.

We service all our boilers free of charge every year, the service includes;

  • Making sure the boiler is safe.
  • Making sure the boiler is working efficiently. (which can save you money)
  • Checking all pipework for any gas leaks.
  • Checking that the smoke alarm is working.
  • Checking that the CO alarm is working.
  • Visually checking other appliances for your safety (such as your cooker) 

The service only takes around half an hour and is really important for you and your family’s safety. 

If we identify any major repairs or a boiler replacement during this service then we will arrange for an engineer to visit you at a later date and book this as a separate appointment.