Last month, we shared our approach to equality, diversity, and inclusion within our organisation, which we proudly announced at our Birthday Conference. To further our commitment, we’ve partnered with South Wales Police to conduct hate crime training.

This initiative is not just about awareness but about real, tangible actions we can take to support our colleagues, customers, and communities should they encounter hate crimes.

In our roles, we often find ourselves visiting our customers’ homes or actively engaging with the community. These interactions provide us with the opportunity to spot hate crimes or the signs of such activities. This is where our commitment to being a responsible and caring organisation comes into play.

Why do we care about hate crime training?

By gaining a deeper understanding of what hate crime is, we become better equipped to identify it when it crosses our path.

As individuals who frequently work in the field, understanding how to handle situations involving hate crimes is essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of both our customers and ourselves.

Identifying and reporting hate crimes is a pivotal step in offering support to the victims and holding perpetrators accountable. Our actions have the power to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

By being well-informed about hate crimes, we can actively contribute to creating a safer, more inclusive, and accepting community.

Our journey doesn’t end with this training – it is just the beginning. We are committed to ongoing education and action. By collectively working towards creating a safe and inclusive environment, we are strengthening the bonds within our organisation, with our customers and in communities.

If you witness a crime in progress, and you feel that someone is in immediate danger and you need support immediately you can report this to South Wales Police by dialling 999. If it’s not an emergency you can report this to South Wales Police by dialling 101 or online using

If you’re uncertain whether something in the community is being addressed, please don’t hesitate to notify our Hub Team. They’re here to help and advise on how to proceed.