We had an incredible evening at the TPAS Cymru Good Practice Awards, with exceptional achievements in our Community Engagement Team. The event, held last night, recognised the remarkable efforts of housing associations and individuals dedicated to making a positive impact in communities across Wales.

Under the category of ‘Communication and Engagement Approach,’ we secured an impressive second place. The recognition honoured our innovative ‘Pop Up’ engagement approach, where they proactively connected with the local community in a direct and personal manner. This simple yet powerful initiative enabled open conversations, improved communication, and re-established our presence as a visible force within the community.

Laura Morris, Head of Communications & Engagement at Valleys to Coast, expressed her excitement about the recognition, saying, “We are incredibly proud of our ‘Pop Up’ engagement approach and its impact on our community. It allowed us to reconnect on a personal level, truly understand their needs, and build stronger relationships. This recognition at the TPAS Cymru Good Practice Awards is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team and a thank you to every single customer that supports us by getting involved.”

Additionally, Debbie and Sarah, two exceptional volunteers who tirelessly run Wildmill Youth Club, were honoured with the prestigious ‘Judges Special Recognition Award.’ Their commitment and unwavering dedication have had a profound impact on the lives of young people in the community. By providing a safe and happy space for the youth on Wildmill estate, Debbie and Sarah have empowered and uplifted countless individuals, giving them a place to be heard and valued.

Our success at the TPAS Cymru Good Practice Awards not only showcases our achievements but also highlights the positive difference we are making within our communities. By focusing on meaningful engagement and stronger connections, we continue to hear the customers’ voices and include them when shaping our services.