Providing homes and places where people feel safe and happy is our very purpose and we’ve listened when you’ve told us you don’t think we’re doing enough to look after your home. That’s why we are thinking differently and creating a new company, which we will 100% own, to improve, grow and develop our repairs and maintenance for your homes.

This will mean a better service when requesting a repair, more investment in your homes, and more opportunities for local jobs. We’re just starting the process of setting up the company and hope to be ready to launch in April 2024.


We looked at customer feedback and external influences and saw it as critical to improving the repairs and maintenance experience for our customers. By moving these services into a subsidiary – that shares our customers and our values – we will be able to make quicker decisions at all levels, from management to operational. The subsidiary will have a complete focus on providing a reliable, professional and efficient repairs and maintenance service that always puts its customers at heart.


The subsidiary will be a completely separate company, yet as it will be 100% owned by Valleys to Coast there will be a unique bond and a strong relationship. The subsidiary will be rooted in the same purpose and values, but with its own operating principles that can flex to meet the needs of customers.
It will be a company run by professional people, offering exciting employment, training and apprenticeship opportunities.


We plan to launch in April 2024. Now, in the implementation phase, colleagues and experts are working together to put all the wheels in motion as part of a plan we call Project Genesis (the start of something new). Day one will be the start of an exciting shared journey – we’ll work closely together as we move forward, as separate entities with the same vision and purpose, to create homes and places where people feel safe and happy, and to help build a better Bridgend.


Through Project Genesis, we’re working to create a bespoke business that fits the needs of our customers and colleagues. The initial focus is creating a brand and legal identity, preparing the company’s operating principles, policies and procedures, putting frameworks in place to transfer colleagues, getting the governance right and most important of all – working with our customers to ensure that we’re creating a company that meets their wants and needs. Throughout the implementation, our work will be closely monitored by our advisory group and Board to ensure the planning is robust and timely.