With Deaf Awareness Week happening this week, we are proud to highlight the efforts our colleagues have made to enhance their communication skills. We understand that our customers come from diverse backgrounds, and we want to make sure that everyone feels welcome when they interact with us. That’s why we are investing in our colleagues to create a more inclusive customer experience.

Recently, our colleagues Louise and Joanna, from our Income Team completed a free Sign Language course offered by Bridgend Community College. The Improvers Course was a ten-week program that taught them how to communicate using sign language. 

Learning sign language has been essential because it enables communication with not only deaf or hard-of-hearing people but also people with disabilities who cannot communicate verbally. By learning sign language, our colleagues show inclusivity and are appreciated by our customers. It is a great tool to help us achieve our equality diversity inclusion commitments.

Louise Percival, our Customer Account Partner said “We have a few customers who are deaf and one who cares for a child with Down’s syndrome. Being able to have a small conversation with them in sign language has been a great feeling, and they really appreciate the effort.”

By learning sign language, our colleagues are making a difference in the lives of our customers.