A recent article on Wales Online told the story about a man that was hospitalised after strimming Common Hogweed, getting sap on his legs, and showed the dangers of not treating damaged skin. 

Common Hogweed (aka Cow Parsnip) is found everywhere at this time of year in fields, verges and hedgerows. However, it is not as toxic as its relative, the Giant Hogweed. 

The sap of Giant Hogweed can lead to skin damage and a light-sensitive rash that can recur for 10 years or more. The only known stands of Giant Hogweed in Bridgend are in Stormy Down, where it is being treated by the Council, and at Glanrhyd (unconfirmed). If you think it may be Giant Hogweed, do not touch it.

Common Hogweed can still give you a nasty rash, and like any burn or rash, if not treated, can lead to complications.

If doing any strimming or gardening around this type of plant, make sure you wear long trousers, long sleeve shirts, gloves and head/face cover.