We have all been shocked and saddened by the horrendous fire in London this week. Whilst our thoughts are with those affected, we do understand that you might have concerns over the safety of your home.

We do not own any tower blocks and we do not own any properties over three storeys.

The initial media reports are focusing on the cladding fixed to the block of flats. We have applied external wall insulation to improve many of our properties, but we can reassure you, however, that we have never fitted the ‘rain screen cladding’ used at Grenfell Tower. All our insulation improvement work was undertaken in compliance with Building Regulations and complied with Part B of the regulations as they relate to fire safety.

We take fire safety in your home very seriously. For this reason, every property we own is fitted with a smoke detector and every year we carry out a gas safety check in your home. In addition, we carry out regular fire risk assessments in all blocks of flats.

We need your continued cooperation to allow us access to the gas services and in keeping communal areas, hallways and stairwells free from personal possessions and items that might help a fire spread or prevent a safe escape in the event of a fire.

Fires in the home are very rare but we cannot be complacent. By working together we can make sure that we keep each other as safe as possible.

If you have any concerns about fire safety in your home then please call us.