We want to maximise the impact we have in our communities and embrace the opportunities as a key anchor organisation in Bridgend within the foundational economy and will work within the remit of the Value for Money Strategy to support the local supply chain. We will challenge the way we have delivered community benefits in the past and seek to utilise our investments to improve social, economic and environmental wellbeing across the County.

In order to achieve this, we will:

  1. Develop a Social Impact Policy that sets out our social values and establish our social value indicators considering sector best practice and feedback from customers. 
  2. Establish a methodology to record and measure social impact, outcomes and value generated from procurement activity, our commercial portfolio and other initiatives and establish a framework to report social value to the business, our Board, our customers and external stakeholders. 
  3. Work with Procurement to determine our community benefits requirements in all contracts including tail end spend and promote and develop the internal and external culture of social impact by supporting the Can Do Declaration and new toolkits to all stakeholders.
  4. Work closely with our statutory and Public Service Board partners to deliver positive outcomes in our neighbourhoods and seek to identify opportunities to develop the foundational economy within Bridgend by working collaboratively with partners and supporting initiatives.
Wealth and Employability (Link opens in new window)

We want to support our residents to enhance their employability skills and will signpost and collaborate on initiatives and opportunities.