Got black mould spots around your window sills, behind furniture, or on your ceilings?

This is usually caused by condensation – moisture settling on cold surfaces and where there’s not much air moving about. It’s usually worse in the winter. But it could also be a fault that needs checking out, so please speak to us if you have an issue and we’ll do all we can to help. 

What we’ll do to help

If you’ve reported an issue to us we’ll send someone to check what could be causing the problem. We’ll look for things like a fault in the roof or brickwork, a leaking pipe, or check to see if the guttering has become blocked. If there’s an issue, we’ll arrange a repair or install extra ventilation as soon as possible.


How you could help

We all generate moisture in our day to day activities and this can’t be helped. However there are a few simple things we can do to manage moisture…

Wipe moisture on windows or walls dry as soon as possible

Try to keep your home warm, even if your heating is on low. Speak to our Money Matters team if you’re struggling with energy bills

Let air flow – open windows for a few minutes and use an extractor fan when cooking or showering

Always leave your air and trickle vents open, they should never be closed or covered

Use a dehumidifier to help take moisture out of the air – small ‘damp traps’ bought in supermarkets can be a great help

Dry clothes outside if you can. If you can’t, the best place is in a room with an extractor fan or where you can leave a window open

Use a saucepan lid when boiling food on the hob – it’ll save you energy too!