It is a legal requirement that we carry out gas safety checks every year to ensure that your home is safe. 

These checks will reduce the risks of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning due to poorly maintained appliances. If you are exposed to carbon monoxide fumes, even for a short time, it can cause serious injury or even death.

What will we do at a gas safety check?

Our registered contractor will arrange an appointment and send an engineer who will introduce themselves and show you identification before they enter your property so that you know they are acting on our behalf. However, if you want reassurance, then just give us a call.

We will check the condition of an existing gas installation which could take up to one hour to complete. But this may vary if the engineer finds a problem. 

The following items will need testing and inspection.

  • Your boiler and any other gas appliances, those owned by us will be serviced and this might involve the renewal of parts and cleaning. The engineer may ask you if you have noticed any unusual noises, smells or other problems.
  • The flues and any ventilation to ensure they are not obstructed. They will also check for gas leaks.
  • The smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in your home, to ensure they are functioning correctly.
  • The engineer has to certify by law that the service has taken place, and will ask you to sign to confirm this. You will then receive a copy of the ‘Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate’ in the post.

How can you help?

We will book an appointment to carry out the safety check, please be available at the date and time agreed or arrange another adult (over 18) to give us access to your home.

Re-arrange your appointment if you (or another adult) are no longer available to give us access. We will need to carry out the check within the one-year deadline, this is a condition within your tenancy agreement.

Please make sure all your gas appliances and fittings can be accessed easily. And if you have a gas meter, please make sure it has credit so we can test that appliances are working.

If you are having financial difficulty crediting your meter, please contact us so we can help.

If we are unable to gain access within the deadline, we will consider taking court action and you could be charged any court costs we incur. These are usually in excess of £2000. 

What happens if there is a problem?

The engineer will fix any problems with appliances owned by us, but if an appliance owned by you is not safe, they are obligated by law to disconnect that appliance from the gas main supply and to record the fact on the Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate.

You will need to arrange for any repairs to your own gas appliances, we advise using a gas safe registered engineer.


What should you do if you think your gas appliances are not working properly?

You must turn your appliances off straight away and open doors and windows for ventilation. You should then call us to report the problem. 


If you can smell gas or you think you have a gas leak, then you must immediately open all windows and doors, go outside, and ring Wales and West Utilities on 0800 111 999.