In the ever-changing landscape of our world today, we’re continuously looking for innovative ways to improve the experience for our customers while continuing to be a great place to work and recruit the best people to work with us. To continue to be adaptable and grow, we’re trialling an initiative that aims to bring greater flexibility and balance to our work environment.

We understand that many of our colleagues juggle diverse responsibilities outside of work, and we want to empower them with options to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Here are the new working arrangements we are exploring:

  • Friday Early Finish (1 pm) Scheme: For Our Trade Colleagues
  • Nine-Day Fortnight: For Our Other Colleagues

It’s important to highlight that these schemes are in alignment with our core principles, which prioritise service delivery, customer satisfaction, teamwork, and safety as our guiding pillars. These changes are designed to benefit everyone—our colleagues and, by extension, our customers.

The majority of our colleagues are trialling the new ways of working. They still work the same number of hours over a week, or fortnight, but work longer days to enable an early finish on a Friday or every other Friday as a rest day. Extending their working days means there should be very little impact on customers.

The success of this trial will be based on the feedback we receive from you, our customers and our colleagues. We remain committed to closely monitoring how these changes impact your interactions with us and the quality of service we deliver. Now six weeks into the trial, we’d like to hear your thoughts and insights.

Has your experience with us over the last six weeks been better? Or worse? Or haven’t you seen much difference? Please take a moment to feedback on your experiences by emailing Your input is invaluable in helping us fine-tune this initiative for the benefit of all involved.