This week is National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week, and it’s calling for the entire social housing supply chain to unite behind ‘Together for Safety,’ a new movement aimed at improving customer safety. There are several things we do to keep you safe and ensure compliance in our homes.

Gas Safety
Safety is our top priority, especially when it comes to gas in our homes. We ensure that all gas appliances and installations are regularly checked and maintained. Our commitment to gas safety includes:

  • Our Gas Safe registered engineers conduct yearly safety checks to inspect and certify gas appliances in our properties.
  • We provide a 24/7 out-of-hours phone line, ensuring quick responses to resolve gas-related issues in case of emergencies.

Electrical Safety
Electricity is a crucial part of modern living, but it can also pose risks if not handled correctly. We prioritise electrical safety by:

  • Conducting regular electrical inspections in our homes every 5 years to ensure they meet the highest safety standards.
  • Responding promptly to any electrical issues that may arise, making sure our properties remain safe and fully functional.

Compliance and Regulation
Staying compliant with industry regulations is at the heart of our work. We follow all necessary regulations and standards in the services we provide, ensuring our customers can trust us. Our commitment to compliance includes:

  • Keeping our team continually updated on the latest regulations and best practices to ensure our services meet industry standards.
  • Conducting regular audits to guarantee our operations align with regulatory requirements, assuring our customers that their safety is our top priority.

Our Biggest Challenge: Access to homes
Despite our dedication to safety and compliance, one of our most significant challenges is gaining access to some customers’ homes. It is important that you allow access for any compliance checks as this ensures your home is safe.

For electrical safety checks that occur every 5 years, our team needs approximately 3 hours to inspect every room in the house. To do so, the property must be in a suitable condition and have clear access to all electrical appliances.

If you spot any concerns that could affect compliance visits, please don’t hesitate to let our Community Housing Team know. The sooner these issues are addressed, the more likely they can be resolved before service dates. And if something could potentially hold up a compliance visit, please notify us.