Over the past 18 months, our colleagues have been at the forefront of an incredible initiative, supporting Y Bwthyn Newydd, a palliative care service committed to enhancing the lives of individuals facing serious illnesses in the Bridgend area. Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of our colleagues, we’ve successfully raised over £5000 for this deserving cause.

Our collective efforts have spanned a wide range of activities, all of which contributed to this remarkable achievement. From a Heart of the Valleys Walk to delightful strawberries and cream sales during Wimbledon, fun-filled festive games we played last year, a raffle at Llys Ton, a charity night, a St. David’s Day Choir Performance, an Easter Bake Sale, Pizza Day donations, and a raffle at our Diolch colleague event, every effort played a role in ensuring the success of our charity initiatives.

But now, it’s time for us to turn a new page and select the charity that will benefit from our support in 2024. Just as we’ve done before, we are opening up nominations to our valued customers and local communities, giving you the opportunity to be part of this decision-making process.

We invite you to share with us a charity that holds a special place in your heart, one that you believe truly deserves our support. Our goal is to gather these nominations and put the top choices to a vote during our colleague Winter Business Briefings scheduled for December 6th. By doing so, we ensure that the charity we ultimately select reflects our shared values and aspirations as an organisation committed to making a positive impact.

To make the nomination process as seamless as possible, we’ve established specific criteria for eligible charities. The charity should be based in Bridgend, without another primary source of funding, and it must have an official governing body. You can submit your nominations using this nomination form.

So, whether you have a charity close to your heart or are part of an organisation that meets our criteria, we invite you to submit your nominations. Good luck, and thank you!