During 2023, we intend to enter into a long-term agreement with service providers under a long-term contract.

A qualifying long-term agreement is a contract entered into by the landlord for a period of more than 12 months.

Once an agreement is in place, if any repairs or works are required to your block that falls under one of the above categories, we will inform you of this via a 30-day Consultation Notice (plus allowances for delivery) under the long-term agreement. This will be based on a schedule of rates that are agreed at the beginning of the contract and may be subject to an annual review. The document containing the schedule of rates will be available to examine at our Tremains Office for free, and copies provided upon request will incur a small fee to cover the cost of copying. 

We consider it necessary to enter into a long-term agreement for reactive and planned repairs and replacements contract for the following reasons:

By awarding long-term contracts over a period of time, we hope that this will deliver many benefits to both the organisation and its customers; which may include:

  • Reduced procurement durations. Reducing the time spent procuring contractors on an annual basis, and having contractors awarded over a longer period of time, increases continuity and speed of programme delivery. This is because procurement and contract negotiation are only required once, thus freeing up the organisation to focus on maintaining and managing the delivery of works. 
  • Improved quality of works. Continuous improvement of long-term relationships with contractors builds an understanding of the standards required when working with us, which will improve on the overall quality of the works carried out. 
  • Obtaining better value for money. Contractors in long-term contracts not only offer more commercially advantageous rates, but as socially responsible businesses they are required to provide community benefits to make investments and positively impact the communities in which they work. 
  • Enhanced planned maintenance programs to mitigate reactive repairs caused by components surpassing their expected lifespans, ultimately leading to improved property conditions and appearance.

The services include the following areas;

  • Roofing & Associated Works 
  • External Wall Insulation & Associated Works
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades
  • External Works 
  • Whole House Refurbishment & Reactive Repairs 
  • Scaffolding
  • Responsive Foul Water and Surface Water Drainage Repairs 
  • Pest Control

Leaseholders do not need to be concerned about the Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades procurement lot, as it does not apply to your property. Similarly, the Whole House Refurbishment portion of the “Whole House Refurbishment & Reactive Repairs procurement lot” will not apply to your property. However, it’s important to note that the reactive repairs element of this lot will apply to your property.

As a Landlord, we must serve consultation notices on leaseholders at the following two stages in the process of awarding a long-term contract where public notice is required.

  • the pre-tender stage – notice of intention; and
  • the tender stage – notification of landlord’s proposals (estimates)

The long-term agreement tender will be processed through Sell2Wales, which will require public notice. Leaseholders and occupiers will not have the opportunity to nominate contractors. If you are aware of any interested contractors, then please direct them to the Sell2Wales website, www.sell2wales.gov.wales.