Our customers submitted their suggestions for the name of our new homes in Cefn Cribwr.

After receiving over 60 entries and completing the application process we are pleased to share that the chosen name is Clos Sant Ioan, meaning St John’s Close in English.

This was a popular suggestion amongst local residents too. The name reflects the history of the site, which was once home to the former St John Ambulance Hall, as well as the former athletic club. 

Located on the junction of Cefn Road and Bedford Close in Cefn Cribwr, Bridgend, the site has a rich history – something we are extremely pleased to be able to acknowledge in the naming of the development.

The former Ambulance Hall first opened on 1st January 1938, and was intended, as The Glamorgan Gazette put it at the time, as “a dynamic centre, infusing happiness through the whole of a community”. 

As well as bringing first aid training to members of the community, the venue itself was used in a number of different ways from hosting dances to concerts. During the Second World War, the hall even functioned as the canteen for the local primary school. 

The Cefn Cribwr St John Ambulance Division was known throughout South Wales for their skills – competitions were held between the local St John teams and Cefn Cribwr became known for winning most of the tests they competed in. 

Honouring the initial aim of the Ambulance Hall, we are keen to preserve and enhance the Memorial Garden, creating a pleasant space that the whole community will be able to enjoy.

Looking forward, we aim to bring this sense of community back to the site, supporting our vision of helping to regenerate Bridgend and breathing life back into an area of Cefn Cribwr that has been vacant for years. 

The development will bring much needed flexible and accessible housing to the area. The two-storey development will consist of four single-bedroom flats, three two-bedroom flats, and three single-bedroom flats which will have wheelchair access.

To find out more about the development, take a look at the information pack here. 

If you would like to share some history or stories about Cefn Cribwr, we would love to hear from you. Maybe you volunteered there, or perhaps attended a Birthday party or wedding? You can share your stories by contacting us by email at comms@v2c.org.uk or by commenting on our Facebook and Twitter posts about the site and development.