Thank you for your interest in becoming one of our Shareholders!

Just complete this application form, which will then be considered at the next available Board meeting, or delegated Sub-Group/Committee. 

If your application is approved, a share certificate will be issued to you, and your name and address will be entered into our register of members. If your application is refused, you will receive confirmation of the reason.

Shareholder application

Are you a Bridgend County Borough Councillor, or have you been within the last four years?(Required)
Are you an officer of Bridgend County Borough Council?(Required)
If you are, but do not work in housing, or do not work in a managerial role, please answer ‘no’.
Are you an employee, or an officer of a Company controlled by Bridgend County Borough Council?(Required)
Do you live in one of our homes?(Required)
Are you a leaseholder of one of our homes?(Required)
Are you a colleague?(Required)
Are you a relative of a colleague at Valleys to Coast?(Required)
I am applying to become a Shareholder, and I agree to be bound by the rules of Valleys to Coast and any policies adopted by the company. I will make a payment of one pound (£1).