We have recently joined the list of signatories on the Design Commission for Wales’ Placemaking Charter, committing to support the development of high-quality places across Wales for the benefit of communities.

The Charter has been developed by the Welsh Government and Design Commission for Wales in collaboration with the Placemaking Wales Partnership. 

By taking a Placemaking approach to development, we will consider how we can positively shape the places where people live, work, socialise, move around and engage.

The principles of the Charter align with the objectives outlined in our recently launched ten-year Corporate Strategy, which aims to create Safe and Happy places for our customers and communities.

By signing this charter we will be pledging to:

  • involve the local community in the development of proposals;
  • choose sustainable locations for new developments;
  • prioritise walking, cycling and public transport; 
  • create well defined, safe and welcoming streets and public spaces; 
  • promote a sustainable mix of uses to make places vibrant;
  • value and respect the positive distinctive qualities and identity of existing places.  

All of which will help us to create neighbourhoods that are safe and desirable. 

Speaking about the Placemaking Charter, Darrin Davies, Corporate Director of Development and Growth said:

We are really pleased to be added to the list of signatories alongside other Welsh organisations who are pledging to create better places here in Wales. One of the things we always consider when starting a new development is our responsibility as a housing association, and how we can contribute to building a better Wales, and in particular how we can help to regenerate Bridgend. 

As committed placemakers, our customers are at the heart of everything we do at Valleys to Coast, so by taking a Placemaking approach to development our hope is that we can create safer, happier communities that our customers can feel proud to live in.

To find out more about the Placemaking Charter, head to the Design Commission for Wales’ website here. Click here to read our ten-year Corporate Strategy.